Related Reading: Affordable Way To Ship Precious Metals Overseas

I’ve blogged a little bit about individuals taking precious metals out of the United States to place in offshore safe deposit boxes.

But when it comes to shipping gold and silver overseas, I’ve got nothing (yet).

So, it was nice to see Andrew Henderson over at the Nomad Capitalist website publish a post entitled “How to affordably ship your gold and silver overseas.” Henderson blogged on June 19:

If you already own gold in the United States or elsewhere, there are several straightforward solutions to shipping it to an offshore vault of your choice. We’ve talked about these before, and I recently came across an affordable option, especially for US persons…

Henderson goes on to talk about this “affordable option” here on his website.

By Christopher E. Hill
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      Sure thing Andrew. Thanks for the important public service you’re providing over at Nomad Capitalist. And sorry for the delay in acknowledging your comment, but we’re just revving things up here again on Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes after a late summer break.


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