Degussa Numis Day

I recently found out about a special event Zurich, Switzerland-based Degussa Goldhandel AG has planned for this Thursday and Friday. For those readers not familiar with Degussa, they are a leading international player in the precious metals world, offering purchasers of its products safe deposit boxes at its branches in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Nuremburg, and Stuttgart), Singapore, and Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva). From their home page:

The Next Numis Day

Every month on the occasion of our Numis Day in Zurich and Geneva, our expert numismatists will take all the time you need to advise you. We buy interesting individual pieces or collections directly.

Following the provided link brings visitors to a web page dedicated solely to the event:

We appreciate and appraise your treasures – in Zurich and in Geneva

Coins tell of great civilisations; they bring history to life. And they are of enduring value. Do you wish to put a lovingly curated collection or individual items in the best of hands while benefiting from the extensive expertise of a renowned precious metals trading house? Then you have come to the right place. Visit us at the Degussa Numis Day.

In our showroom in Quai du Mont-Blanc 5 in Geneva
On April 14, 2016 from 9 am to 5 pm.

In our showroom in Bleicherweg 41 in Zurich
On April 15, 2016 from 9 am to 5 pm.

We provide comprehensive advisory service.

Our coin expert Robert Eberlein will be there all day to evaluate your pieces and give you tips. He looks forward to discussing the finer points of numismatics with you.

You can rely on us to provide a fair market value determination, and, on top of that, to offer other marketing options: If you wish, you can sell directly to us at a fair price on Numis Day. Or we can consult with you and jointly determine the best marketplaces for your special treasures, for example, international coin auctions or prestigious Internet platforms.

Are you interested in coins as an investment? If so, our experts will also be happy to advise you on Numis Day. Numismatists have been collecting historical coins for centuries, and the popularity of this pursuit has not waned. If you wish, we can also represent you at auctions worldwide.

Do you wish to sell old gold?

Numis Day is all about historic coins.

Please arrange a separate appointment with us if you wish to evaluate and sell gold jewellery, old gold or silver.

“Numis Day.” A creative way for Degussa Goldhandel AG to show off their Geneva and Zurich facilities to the general public, who in turn receive an appraisal, professional advice, and a potential offer for their collectible coins.

For more information about Degussa’s Numis Day or the company, visit their website here.

By Christopher E. Hill
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UPDATE: In response to my question about whether or not there is a fee to have coins appraised on Numis Day, Degussa informed me via e-mail:

If it’s a small quantity of coins like 1 – 20 then there is no fee to be paid.

If it’s a bigger lot we charge the client only if he just wants to evaluate his collection and shows no interest in selling it to us. The fee in that case is CHF 250.- per hour…

Sounds fair to me.

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