Related Reading: Singapore Private Vaults ‘Have Quietly Begun To Bulge With Gold And Silver’

I recently came across an article on The Business Times (Singapore) website which points out privately-owned precious metals from around the world are finding their way to non-bank vaults in Singapore. Andrea Soh reported on December 12:

These are unsettling times.

A recession looms. Extremist parties are on the ascent globally.

One of the oldest banks in the world is on the brink of collapse in Italy.

A sense of unease is on the rise, but with it, Singapore’s safe-haven status has soared.

As investors the world over seek refuge in precious metals, they need somewhere to put all of it, and that somewhere, for many of them, is Singapore.

Commercial vaults on the island have quietly begun to bulge with gold and silver…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Two of the private vault companies mentioned by Soh in the piece have been covered by Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes, including Malca-Amit (blogged about here) and The Safe House (talked about here).

An intersting article- particularly the mention of “trust” issues with banks/governments- which you can read in its entirety here on The Business Times website.

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