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Just recently, I brought up a MarketWatch piece that focused on rare coins as investments. Collectible coins are often placed in safe deposit boxes for safekeeping.

Today, I want to point out a February 2 article on the website of Numismatic News that analyzed the performance of precious metals against U.S. stocks from the end of 1999 to the last day of 2016. Pat Heller reported:

While much attention is now focused on U.S. stock indices reaching record levels, only a handful of people are aware that precious metals, on average, have outperformed U.S. stocks since the end of 1999.

As measured in U.S. dollars, here are how various asset classes have performed from Dec. 31, 1999, to Dec. 30, 2016

Gold +299.0%
Silver +193.5%
Russell 2000 +168.9%
MS-63 $20 Saint-Gaudens +147.9%
MS-63 $20 Liberty +139.8%
Platinum +111.5%
Dow Jones Industrial Average +71.9%
Switzerland Franc +56.4%
MS-65 Morgan dollar +54.4%
Palladium +54.1%
Standard & Poors 500 +52.4%
NASDAQ +32.3%
China yuan +19.2%
Australia dollar +9.8%
Canada dollar +8.2%
Euro +4.5%
Japan yen -12.7%
Great Britain pound -23.6%
Brazil real -44.3%
Mexico peso -54.3%
South Africa rand -55.0%…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Note the performance of numismatic coins ($20 Saint-Gaudens, $20 Liberty, Morgan dollar) in that list.

An interesting article, which you can read in its entirety over on the Numismatic News website here.

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