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Monday evening I read an interesting article about London, England-based precious metals showroom/safe deposit box service Sharps Pixley (first blogged about here). Margareta Pagano wrote on the website of The Spectator (UK) this past weekend:

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And when the going is seriously tough- as it may be when Trump and Putin really start stirring global trouble- they shop for gold.

And where could be more convenient to do so than at Sharps Pixley in St James’s Street?…

You can go straight for the one-kilo bars, about the size of an iPhone, at £33,130 each. [Sharps Pixley CEO Ross] Norman gives me one to hold; it’s cold and heavy, its shininess like the golden wrapping of a chunky caramel chocolate bar. You see why the Egyptians called it the ‘breath of the gods’; there’s something primal about holding the bullion in your hands.

Some shoppers take the bars home in bags, but most store them in safe-deposit boxes in the shop’s vaults. There are more than 200 gold and silver products for sale here. Real roses dipped in pure 24 carat gold, from £100, are a bestseller…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

“Why Gold Is A Safe Haven Investment”
Sharps Pixley’s London facility featured (Feb. 2016)
YouTube Video

You can read the entire article here on The Spectator website. For more information about Sharps Pixley, head on over to their site here.

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