Nomad Capitalist’s 5 Best Countries For Offshore Gold Storage

Research related to Monday’s post about precious metals storage in Singapore led me to a piece published last fall by Andrew Henderson over on the Nomad Capitalist website. I’ve mentioned Andrew and his company before on the blog, but for those readers not familiar with them, Henderson is the founder and managing partner of Hong Kong-headquartered Nomad Capitalist, billed as the “world’s leading offshore consulting firm.”

Back on September 28, 2016, Henderson wrote in “The five best countries for offshore gold storage”:

The world is a big place and not every country is made alike, especially when it comes to offshore gold storage. The following are our top picks here at Nomad Capitalist for best countries for offshore gold storage

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Their top picks? In alphabetical order:

-Cayman Islands
-New Zealand

Henderson proceeded to explain why these countries made the “top 5” for offshore gold storage before ultimately selecting a single nation for the “number one spot on this list.”

Another insightful read from Andrew Henderson, which you can view in its entirety here on the Nomad Capitalist website.

By Christopher E. Hill
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