Tel Aviv’s Brickstone Private Safe Services Featured On ILTV Israel Daily

One private, non-bank vault offering safe deposit boxes that I recently learned about is Brickstone Private Safe Services in Israel. Located in the financial center and technology hub of Tel Aviv along the Mediterranean coast, I understand that Brickstone is the first and largest facility of its type in the area. The business was established by two attorneys, Dvir Indig and Itai Gazit, with full support from the British Balthorne company. From their website:

In Israel, before the establishment of Brickstone, vault services were only provided by banks…

What is the difference between you and a bank?

The difference is large and significant, and relates to almost every parameter: longer opening hours, no limit to the number of visits, level of protection of the safe and the variety of security mechanisms of the entire guarded compound, and, in addition, Brickstone offers additional premium services, such as personal accompaniment of the client and meeting spaces in the guarded compound, all of which are at a level of service and discretion that, until now, only existed in the United Kingdom.

In late September, Mr. Indig appeared on ILTV Israel Daily. He went into more detail about the vault with news anchor Natasha Raquel Kirtchuk:

“Adv. Dvir Indig, CEO of Brickstone – Sep. 25, 2017”
YouTube Video

Intersting. It sounds like Israel is yet one more country where banks are getting out of the safe deposit box business.

Brickstone is also a member of the Safe Deposit Federation (SDF), “a self-regulating federation of independent safe deposit box companies.”

Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes wishes Brickstone Private Safe Services all the best with their facility.

For more information about Brickstone, head on over to their website here.

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