Royal England Safe Deposit Box Ltd. Featured On Hong Kong Tatler Website

Funny I should mention Hong Kong’s Royal England Safe Deposit Box Ltd. yesterday and an article about the private, non-bank vault pops up on the website of luxury magazine Hong Kong Tatler the same day.

While I brought up the new safe deposit box facility’s use of smartphone technology to improve customer service/experience, the Tatler piece went into more detail about the Royal England operation (first blogged about here). For example, regarding the security/technology utilized in the secured storage space:

When devising the vault technology, Royal England enlisted the help of security experts from Wynn Macau and the Venetian Macao to develop a fully automated security system to encrypt client data. The system requires no staff and uses computer and biometric identification to ensure accuracy in verification of identity. Just one person is able to enter the vault at a time, meaning you can access your valuables free from any interference. Royal England does not number the boxes, so the location of your box cannot be leaked. Instead, it uses a lighting system to indicate the whereabouts of your box once you’re inside the vault.

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That box location procedure is a nice touch, providing an extra layer of security for personal belongings of significant worth. And attracting wealthy clients particularly interests the Hong Kong business. As director Ray Li stated in a recent interview:

Our target customers are the well-heeled in the society, to appeal to them, we hope to present Royal England as the top safe deposit box service brand in the world.

“Royal England- Exclusive Art Appreciation & Whiskey Tasting”
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As mentioned previously, Royal England Safe Deposit Box Ltd. is a member of the Safe Deposit Federation, “a self-regulating federation of independent safe deposit box companies.”

Head on over to the Hong Kong Tatler website here to read the entire article. And for more information about Royal England, readers can visit their site here.

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