Australasian Vaulting Industries Opens Non-Bank Vault, Safe Deposit Box Service In Sydney Suburb

A new private, non-bank vault offering safe deposit boxes and a precious metals bullion trading desk has opened its doors in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. From a press release Tuesday:

Australasian Vaulting Industries (AVI) has just opened its high-security vault and safe deposit box depository in Bella Vista, Sydney. The business offers a unique blend of world-class security, combined with an in-house bullion trading desk, the first of its kind in Western Sydney…

The company provides world-class storage for gold bullion and other valuables in a specially designed and purpose-built security vault. The vault is owned and staffed by security system experts, with a collective of over 50 years’ experience in the industry serving private enterprise, the banking sector and military security applications in Australia and abroad…

The facility can also accommodate the storage of important documents, including passports, deeds, titles and birth certificates, along with valuable heirlooms, jewellery and data drives.

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According to the Australasian Vaulting Industries website, the private vault can also “arrange the collection and delivery of your assets from Australian or Global locations, using our secure transit partners from around the world.”

More information about the business is contained in the press release here. Readers can also visit the AVI website here.

Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes wishes Australasian Vaulting Industries all the best with their new facility.

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