The UK’s Royal Mint Now Offers Non-Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

I recently learned that the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coins and medals whose roots extend back some 1,100 years, now offers safe deposit boxes to the general public. The Royal Mint Secure Storage program was launched this past summer, and has since been labeled as “the most secure in the industry” by Charles Holmes, Chairman of the British Safe Manufacturers Association. From a Royal Mint news release dated August 11, 2017:

The Royal Mint has launched a new service- The Royal Mint Secure Storage- that will enable members of the public to store their items of value within the organisation’s high-security walls at its site in Llantrisant, South Wales.

Director of The Royal Mint’s Consumer business, Anne Jessopp, said “We wanted to create a secure storage facility that is ‘safer than houses’ for members of the public to store their high value jewellery, heirlooms, documents and even articles of sentimental value – objects that may be at risk when stored in the home.”

To date, purchasers of The Royal Mint’s bullion coins and bars have been able to take advantage of the organisation’s secure vaulting service. Now, the brand new facility – The Royal Mint Secure Storage – will enable customers to place other valuables in the hands of the 1000-year organisation, safe in the knowledge that they are guarded by some of the most stringent ex-military security services in the land.

Once entering the site, which is minutes from M4 junction 34, north west of Cardiff, visitors to The Royal Mint Secure Storage will be greeted personally before passing high barbed wire fences, 360 surveillance and biometric security measures to access the secure storage area. Safe deposit boxes in a range of sizes can be hired from as little as three months, and a concierge service is on offer to help with transporting items from vehicle to storage.

“The Royal Mint already has world class security in place,” said Ms Jessopp. “The creation of The Royal Mint Secure Storage was the next logical step, giving customers complete peace of mind for the storage of their valuable items.”

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As far as I know, this is the only government-owned mint that offers safe deposit boxes to the public.

An interesting program, which you can read all about here on The Royal Mint’s website.

By Christopher E. Hill
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