James Rickards Reports Gold Still Moving From Banks To Swiss Private Vaults

Late last week I was reading the Daily Reckoning website when I came across a November 28 article by the American lawyer, economist, investment banker, and best-selling author James (Jim) Rickards. The editor of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence mentioned the following in his discussion about potential triggers for the next financial crisis:

I was in Switzerland not long ago, and I met with one of the big four “secure logistics” firms in the world. These are the people that handle the actual physical metal.

They’re building vaults as fast as they can. They’ve been negotiating with the Swiss Army. Over the years, the army’s hollowed out some of these mountains in the Alps to build these extensive warehouses and storage facilities and tunnels that will withstand nuclear attack.

So these vault contractors have been in negotiation to lease the mountains — these nuclear bomb-proof mountains — from the army. My source told me, “We’re building vault space as fast as we can. But we’re running out of capacity.”

I asked, “Where’s the gold coming from?”

He said, “UBS and Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, and customers are taking it out of the banks and giving it to us.”

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The above might ring a bell for regular readers of Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes. Back in the spring I blogged about a March interview of Rickards by London-based Tip TV Finance show in which viewers were warned:

Keep away from the paper contracts. Get physical gold. Put it in a safe place. Don’t put it in the bank. I spent a lot of time in Switzerland. I visited… when I go to Switzerland I don’t spend much time with the banks, I spend it with secure logistics operators, vault operators, refineries- the people that actually handle the physical gold. They see gold coming out of Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, and others, going into Loomis and the private vault operators. That does not change the total supply of gold, but it changes the floating supply. Once you take it out of the banks there’s less available to prop up this paper gold market. The banks will probably be closed, at least temporarily. You won’t be able to get your gold

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“Get physical gold. Put it in a safe place. Don’t put it in the bank.”

So what qualifies as a “safe place” for Rickards?

Late last year, the author of the USA Today and Wall Street Journal business best-seller The New Case for Gold told The Capital Network’s Lelde Smits at Custodian Vaults, a private, non-bank safe deposit facility in Sydney, Australia:

Well you know, Lelde, we’re in a private vault. And I recommend private, non-bank storage. Now this is a vault. It’s very secure. You see we have some gold right here obviously and there is a lot more in these boxes. But this is not a bank. This is private. And that’s what I recommend.

You don’t want to put your gold in the bank because banks are controlled by the government. When you most want your gold, that’s when the banks will be closed. You won’t be able to get it. So, I recommend again, a place like the one we’re in, which is a private, non-bank, secure storage

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