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List Of Offshore Private Vaults Updated

Lately I’ve been quite busy updating this blog’s sister site- Offshore Private Vaults. Specifically, the page with the list of overseas non-bank vaults. Barring responses to an outstanding inquiry or two, I’ve wrapped up the latest quarterly update. This included:

• A reminder that “certain offshore private vaults listed have citizenship/residency restrictions”
• An invitation to advertise on Offshore Private Vaults. Three (3) 468 X 60 banner ad spots have been set aside for only $75/month each ($399/6 months each), paid in advance.
• The addition of new countries containing private vaulting facilities to the list, including Argentina (Hausler in Buenos Aires), Mexico (Global Shield Zone in Guadalajara and Huixquilucan, 1st National Security and Stonewall in Mérida, StrongMax in Mexico City, and Safe T Boxes and Xecure in San Pedro Garza García), Paraguay (Maxton S.A. in Asunción), and Spain (Grupo Inviam in Madrid)
• The addition of new non-bank vaults in countries already on that list, including Germany (EMS Werteinlagerung GbR in Heidenheim an der Brenz, EOS in Heidenheim, Goldkontor Hamburg GmbH in Hamburg, and HAMEKO in Hamburg), Malaysia (RockSafe in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), Singapore (Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services aka CFASS), Switzerland (Erutec AG in Alpnach and Swiss Gold Safe Ltd. in Zurich and St. Gotthard), the United Kingdom/England (Midland Safe Deposits in Birmingham, Secure Deposits Ltd in Leicester, Sovereign Safe Deposit Centres in the London suburb of Harrow, St. James’ Safe Deposit in Leeds, UK Safe Deposit Boxes Ltd in the London suburb of Southall, Vault Safe Deposit Centres in Leicester, and Zurich Safe Deposits in Bradford), and Uruguay (Cofres Bitcoin in Montevideo)
• Adding English translations (powered by Google) of web pages when no English language option was available

Feel free to check out the newly-updated list. If you believe any additional changes should be made, or know of any offshore private vaults not listed, please contact me.

Christopher E. Hill