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U.S. Bullion Dealer Miles Franklin Launches Private Safe Deposit Box Program In Canada

While pulling material together for the blog this morning, I learned about a new “offshore” safe deposit box program that’s just been launched by a well-known American precious metals dealer. Andrew Hoffman, Marketing Director for Miles Franklin (“one of America’s oldest, most trusted bullion dealers”) wrote on SilverSeek.com on November 2:

We’ve spent more than a year creating a storage feature that, to our knowledge, NO ONE else can offer; again, with our fantastic partners at Brink’s Canada. Which is, as of this week, our one-of-a-kind Private Safe Deposit Box program in Toronto and Vancouver; in which, clients can store gold, platinum, U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, or Swiss Francs in a private, fully insured, safe deposit box, completely outside of the banking system. And the best part is, that whilst Miles Franklin and Brink’s are aware of the contents for auditing purposes, only you have the key. Thus, if you want to make a deposit, take a withdrawal, or simply view your box’s contents, the only way it can be opened is if you go in person, or mail Brink’s the key with express written instructions (after which, Brink’s will mail you back the key)…

Interesting. Canadian non-bank safe deposit box storage via an American bullion dealer (offices in Minnesota and Florida). Hoffman elaborated in a blog post on the Miles Franklin website November 1:

Our team continues to seek new ways to improve our industry-leading storage product. Thus, in light of the rapidly evolving issues- and dangers- facing the financial world, we have striven to craft new service offerings, enabling clients to enjoy greater degrees of cost efficiency, practicality, and most importantly, peace of mind. Which is why it is my great pleasure to announce the launch of Miles Franklin’s one-of-a-kind Private Safe Deposit Box Program, at Brink’s Canada’s Toronto and Vancouver vaults.

Through the program, new clients- and existing clients of our Brink’s Montreal and Vancouver segregated storage programs- will have their own, fully insured safety deposit boxes. Of which, only Brink’s and Miles Franklin will be aware of the contents, and only you will have the key. Plus, clients will have the ability to personally visit their boxes, to either view the contents, make new deposits, or take withdrawals. Or alternatively, clients may choose to mail one of their two keys to Brink’s, with instructions to receive a new deposit or make a withdrawal – after which, the key is mailed back. In other words, no one- aside from Brink’s, with your express written permission, and the key you personally mail them- can ever open your box

He added later in the post that clients will have the ability to “not only store gold and platinum in the boxes, but hard cash, in the form of U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, or Swiss Franc notes.”

Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes wishes Miles Franklin all the best with its new Private Safe Deposit Box program. For more information about this service, visit the program website here.

By Christopher E. Hill
Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes (www.offshoresafedepositboxes.com)

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