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Merrion Vaults Plans To Open Liverpool, Nottingham Safe Deposit Box Facilities

Irish businessmen Séamus Fahy and David Walsh are at it again. It’s being reported that the founders of Merrion Vaults in Dublin are looking to add to to their existing family of private, non-bank vaults with safe deposit boxes in Ireland, Scotland (Glasgow Vaults), and England (Newcastle Vaults). Barry O’Halloran wrote on The Irish Times website last month:

Safekeeping specialist Merrion Vaults is spending up to €2 million on an expansion that will see it open new safety deposit box centres in Liverpool’s landmark Royal Liver Building, other British cities and possibly Europe.

Merrion Vaults runs a purpose-built safety deposit box facility on Dublin’s South Cumberland Street, close to Merrion Square, which it opened in 2013 after its founders, businessmen Séamus Fahy and David Walsh, identified strong demand for the service.

Mr Fahy confirmed at the weekend that the Irish company is planning to open in Liverpool and Nottingham in England, to follow vaults that are already up and running in Glasgow and Newcastle…

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According to the Liverpool Vaults website, the facility is scheduled to open in January 2018.

O’Halloran added that the company “could target Edinburgh” and is “now weighing a move to the continent.”

An interesting article, which you can read in its entirety over on The Irish Times website here.

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Additions To List Of Offshore Private Vaults

Last week while conducting research on the Internet I came across a number of offshore private vaults which weren’t listed on my website of the same name. This includes (alphabetically by name):

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(Editor’s note: English translation of Segumex website here and Swiss Security Boxes site here)

Know of any more I haven’t identified? Please let me know.

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